1955 Born in Tunceli (eastern Anatolia), the son of Kurdish peasants
1961-1969 Attendance of elementary and secondary school, Tunceli and Istanbul
1971 entry to Germany, stay as "guest worker"
1971 Birth of the son Bahadir
1973 Birth of the daughter Bahar
1976–1978 training as a machinist
1979–1984 Distance Learning of the liberal arts at the Paris Art Academy, Hamburg
1982–1983 Close contact to Prof. Fred Thieler and Prof. Gerd Jedermann, Berlin
1984 First solo exhibition in Schweinfurt
(documented by Bavarian Television)
1984 trip to Turkey - arrest and exit ban
1984–1989 work as a freelance artist
Founding member of the Turkish Human Rights Association
1989 escape from Turkey
1990 Reception by Willy Brandt to present the activities
the Turkish Human Rights Association
1990 Initiator and founding chairman of the IK
(Association of International Visual Artists e.V. Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Bielefeld)
1991–1993 employment as cultural manager for public relations for the environmental area of ​​the city of Bielefeld
1996 Death of the son Bahadir
seit 1984 Diverse solo and group exhibitions of painting, photography, sculptures
Installations in Germany, Turkey, Luxembourg and Belgium.
from 1989 work as freelance artist, focus on painting.
1989–2002 Life and work in Bielefeld
2002 move to Berlin
2008 birth of daughter Paney Hezra
2011-2014 engaged as an art lecturer at a German secondary school.


Currently Ibrahim Coskun works as a freelance artist in Berlin, Istanbul and Bodrum.

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